Tabbed Fields

Sometimes you create an extension with a number of wymeditor fields. Having these display one after another can be overwhelming for your clients (or you!). This guide will show you how to:

  • Organise many visual editors into nice tabs like Refinery’s ‘pages’ extension does
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This only works on Refinery versions 0.9.9 and greater

1 Changing your admin view to support multiple tabs

If your extension has a number of text areas that you’d like to display as a series of tabs instead, simply edit the admin view (under app/views/admin/extension_name/_form.html.erb), and add:

<%= render :partial => '/refinery/admin/tabbed_fields',
           :locals => { :f => f,
                        :tabbed_fields => [:field, :list] } %>

Replace the array [:field, :list] with an array of symbols of the columns you would like displayed as tabs.