How to get help

We all sometimes hit a brick wall. This guide will show you how to:

  • Get support and help by connecting with other Refinery developers
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One of Refinery’s key principles is “Encourage and Help Others” so if you have any problems just let us know and we’ll do our best to help you. And one day you might help someone else out too!

Please remember that Refinery is a fully open-source application. None of us are paid to fix it or improve it; we do so because we like Refinery and we greatly appreciate its value. Unfortunately, we cannot immediately drop everything to solve a problem for you (as much as we’d like to). Be patient, and try to figure out the problem on your own while you wait. The more information you can dig up yourself, the easier it is for us to help you resolve your issues expediently.

1 Web searching

Firstly, take the time to search your error on famous search engines to see if:

  • you are not the only one to have this error.
  • someone has already fixed this error.
  • your error is related to Refinery CMS or to the Ruby on Rails framework and/or dependencies.

2 Github organization repositories

Secondly, search your error on our Refinery Github organization, it has a lot of informations in the issues, pull requests, commit messages and, of course, in the source code.

3 Gitter channel

Then, join our Refinery Gitter channel to ask your question.

If you ask a question and don’t get an immediate response, don’t take offence; either wait a half-hour and ask again, or just post your question on the Google Group instead. This gives developers who are in other timezones or who are temporarily unavailable a chance to help you out.

4 Google Group

The Refinery CMS Google Group is a great place to ask for help if you don’t get a response on chat. Your first message may take a short while to appear, as all first-time posters are required by Google Groups to pass moderation.

5 Stackoverflow

Stackoverflow – Refinery CMS tags is another great place to ask for help.