Overriding views

The default HTML Refinery generates on the front end is sometimes not suitable for your design. This guide will show you how to:

  • Override a front end view in Refinery and replace it with your own version
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1 Overriding your first view

If you want to override one of the views Refinery comes built with (for example, to add a phone number to the footer), you’ll need to override the view Refinery is providing. Refinery will then use your local version, rather than its original copy.

It’s easy to get a copy of this file to modify locally. For example, for the footer, run the following command in the terminal:

$ rake refinery:override view=refinery/_footer.html

2 Common Examples

These are files we often override when creating a Refinery site.

$ rake refinery:override view=refinery/pages/show
$ rake refinery:override view=refinery/pages/home

3 Tips and Tricks

  • Trim the .html.erb from the end of the view file name
  • Only override when you really need to, as it makes upgrading to future versions of Refinery trickier
  • You only need the path to the view from inside the views folder, regardless of which extension the file is in
  • This will also work to override views in extensions you’ve created locally