Refinery CMS

Ruby on Rails CMS that supports Rails 4.2

1. Set up your System

You must have a working installation of Ruby, ImageMagick, and one of SQLite, MySQL, or PostgreSQL. See the "Installing Refinery Prerequisites" guide for more information.

2. Install ExecJS

gem install execjs

3. Install Rails

gem install rails --version 4.2.6

4. Generate an Application

rails new my_new_application -m

This will create a new Refinery ready Rails application, install all the dependencies using Bundler, and set up your database.

5. Start up your site

That's it! If all went well, then starting your site should be as simple as running:

cd my_new_application
rails server

Now visit http://localhost:3000/refinery and you should see your Refinery CMS site and you will be prompted to setup your first user.

That's all it takes to install and run your Refinery CMS site!

6. What now?

We highly recommend you follow through the "Getting Started with Refinery Guide". It teaches you how to customize your site design and create your first custom engine.