Refinery CMS 3.0.1 Released

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Refinery CMS 3.0.1 is a bugfix version. You can read the changelog which has GitHub ticket numbers assigned for each entry in case you want to dive deeper.

The most important bug fixes are :

  • Refinery::Page.default_parts did not generate a good format for slugs in page parts.
    There is a database migration attached to this bug fix, so please run:
  1. rake railties:install:migrations
  2. rake db:migrate
  • The 'refinerycms' command was broken due to the wrong version of refinerycms-acts-as-indexed being used.
  • speakingurl-rails was broken after the release of the version of sprockets-rails (3.0.0), so we have updated this dependency to the latest version of speakingurl-rails (~> 8.0.0)

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