Refinery CMS 3.0.6 Released

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Two days after the release of Refinery CMS 4.0.0, we release Refinery CMS 3.0.6 with several bugfixes already included in 4.0.0. You can read the changelog which has GitHub ticket numbers assigned for each entry in case you want to dive deeper.

The most important changes are :

  • Fix search placeholder. #3291. Roman Krylov
  • Upgrade dragonfly to version 1.1. #3303. Anita Graham
  • Bugfix: canonical url now use current_frontend_locale instead of default_frontend_locale. #3299. Brice Sanchez
  • Now we use redirect 301 to show pages. #3300. Brice Sanchez
  • jQuery .load() deprecated. #3288. Roman Krylov
  • Fixed variable name for editor options. #3287. Bo Frederiksen
  • Fixed PhantomJS timeout when appending something to the body. #3297. Remco Meinen
  • Change warn to use rails logger. #3272. Paul & Philip Arndt
  • Update the updated_at field of the page itself when a page_part got updated. #3275. Maarten Bezemer
  • Remove obsolete sitemap builder from generator #3270. Brice Sanchez
  • Fix #3218 regression: don't duplicate locale in url. #3271. Brice Sanchez
  • Change data attribute to match Turbolinks 5 syntax. #3269. Maarten Bezemer