Refinery CMS 3.0.5 Released

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Refinery CMS 3.0.5 has just been released by Philip Arndt. You can read the changelog which has GitHub ticket numbers assigned for each entry in case you want to dive deeper.

The most important changes are :

  • Fix HTML format for not found page in page seeds. [#3263].
  • Bugfix/draft page view not hidden for visitors. [#3264].
  • Remove deprecated heroku gem. Fix start generator for Authentication. [#3258].
  • Add ability to display current used template in layout. [#3259].
  • Add SVG logo. Improve site_bar HTML/CSS. [#3262].
  • Fix preview button with WYMeditor. [#3020].
  • Add "required" html attribute in add_whitelist_attributes config. [#3236].
  • Fixed admin menu items duplicating after extensions code changing. [#3234].
  • Enable reselection of resource after removal. [#3216].

A special thanks to

  • Nicholas Kirchner, Dmitriy Molodtsov, Christoph Wagner and Brice Sanchez for their bug fixes.
  • Dominique Côté for her work to convert the Refinery CMS logo into SVG.

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