Refinery CMS 3.0.0 Released

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After more than a year and 956 commits only on the main repository from 24 contributors around the globe we are very excited to announce that Refinery CMS 3.0.0 has been released on Rubygems.

Many things have changed since 2.1.x so to get a full list of changes take a look at Upgrading a Refinery app to Refinery3, Rails 4.2 (from our collaborator Anita Graham) or read changelog which has GitHub ticket # assigned for each entry in case you want to dive deeper.

Most important changes are :

  • Add support for Rails 4.2.x
  • Decouple from Devise (you are now able to use Refinery CMS in your current application using Devise)
  • Migrate to Dragonfly ~> 1.0.0
  • Remove Dashboard engine
  • Extract Form generator engine
  • Improve admin UI
  • Update most used extensions, see our extensions page

One important change I want to mention here is that we removed support for Ruby 1.9.x so if you're still using that please do upgrade to a newer version. Lowest acceptable version is 2.0.0 with 2.2.x encouraged.

What next? 

Version 3.1.0 will be the first minor release in 3.x branch and we will start focusing on goals for version 4.0.

Thank you community

Last but not least we would like to express a big Thank You to everyone who has contributed in any way be it code, documentation or helpful answer in our gitter channel or google group.

Without you we would not be able to make Refinery as awesome as it is today!