Refinery CMS 4.0.1 Released

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We released Refinery CMS 4.0.1 with several bugfixes. You can read the changelog which has GitHub ticket numbers assigned for each entry in case you want to dive deeper.

The most important changes are :

  • Always expect to have css and js files precompiled. Remove skip_pipeline option for visual_editor_stylesheets and custom_stylesheets. #3318. Brice Sanchez

    This change fix javascript and css issues on production environment with the WYSIWYG editor.

  • Now require globalize on top of the engine. #3316. Brice Sanchez

    This change fix the seeds load on installation process.

  • Require refinery core nil_user class (needed for prod env). #3317. Brice Sanchez

    This change fix the ability to start the app on production environment when there is no authentication. 

What's new?

  • We are currently defining the goals for the next major version of Refinery. We are currently working on the new admin UI and an official API.
  • We are also upgrading refinerycms extensions for the current version of Refinery.