Refinery CMS 1.0 Released

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Today the Refinery CMS Core Team is announcing Refinery CMS version 1.0.  You can get it here.

Refinery's Journey

It is exactly 2 years since David Jones changed Refinery CMS from being a closed source project at Resolve Digital to an open source project for us all to enjoy.

Phil Arndt joined Resolve Digital shortly before the public release. He picked up what was there and took it to the next level (and then some). During this time it was hard not to see Phil's name mentioned as the most recent committer, and often only just a few hours ago.  This is still true today.

Steven Heidel joined the core team in 2010. He rounded our approach to the project from the perspective of an 'outsider' to Resolve Digital and is a still an active contributor.

Since the public release, the project has grown beyond our expectations. It's now used by tech companies like Google and has thousands of sites have been deployed to webservers around the globe.

Significant milestones achieved

  • July 2010, Localisation support added. Today, Refinery speaks 25 languages.
  • August 2010, Rails 3 support added just 2 days after Rails 3 was released.
  • December 2010, Refinery becomes the world's most popular Rails CMS (according to Ruby Toolbox)
  • February 2011, the project has over 100 contributors (now 138)

The most important milestone for Refinery was Rails 3 support. Alex Coles played a significant role in getting support for this, as well as a much needed "Refinery CMS day" where the Refinery community got together with a common goal, to see how much progress could be made in 24 hours.

Welcome Uģis to the Core Team

Today we're very excited to announce that Uģis Ozols has joined our core team. You can read more about him on the about page.

Beyond 1.0

We don't want to give away too much but we can confirm two things today that are definitely coming up:

  • Refinery will support Rails 3.1
  • The backend UI is to be completely redesigned.

Finally, we'd like to thank every contributor to the Refinery. We're very proud of the project and how far it has come.

-- The Refinery CMS Core Team