Writing a guide for this website

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Writing a Guide for this Website

This guide covers writing your own guide. After reading it, you should be able to:

  • Format a guide.
  • Submit it for approval and inclusion on this website.

Format the guide

The best way for you to learn how to create a guide is to look at how a guide is structured. We are currently using the docrails project and as such all of the guides are written in textile.

A good example of how a guide can be structured is the 'Getting Started With Refinery' guide which you can see here.

You should be able to match the sections of the raw textile guide with the live guide to see how each aspect works.

Submitting the guide

  • Login to
  • Go to
  • If you have a fork of refinerycms already, delete it (if you're not going to lose work. This makes it much easier for us to integrate your changes back in)
  • Click on "fork" to make a fresh new fork on your own account.
  • Clone your new fork to your local machine

Next make your changes or new guide in the doc/guides folder.

Now go to and click "Pull Request".

After we review it, we'll merge it into the master refinerycms repository, and the changes will be up Refinery CMS Guides within a few seconds.

Why submit a guide?

The majority of Refinery CMS remains undocumented as development happens quickly. We'd appreciate it very much if you submitted a new guide or updated old ones. Here are some reasons for doing so:

  • You will be listed as a contributor at github
  • Help others who face the same issues
  • Reduce the amount of time the core team spends on support so they can focus on making Refinery even better