Contributing to Refinery

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Contributing to Refinery

One of Refinery's key principles is encouraging people to contribute. This guide will show you how to:

  • Contribute to the documentation (such as this guide)
  • Contribute bug fixes or new features
  • Contribute financially

Contributing documentation or guides

We'd love it if you have a how-to guide on adding or setting up a feature on Refinery.

Read the Writing a guide for this website guide for more information.

Contributing bug fixes or new features

WARNING: This guide is only for advanced users of Refinery


In your browser

  • Login to
  • Go to
  • If you have a fork of refinerycms already, delete it (if you're not going to lose work. This makes it much easier for us to integrate your changes back in)
  • Click on "fork" to make a fresh new fork on your own account.

In terminal

$ git clone
$ cd refinerycms
$ bundle install
$ bin/rake refinery:testing:dummy_app
$ rails server

In your browser again

I found an issue. Where do I file it?

Contributing a fix

Make your changes to fix a bug. Next regenerate the dummy app and run the Refinery tests

$ bin/rake refinery:testing:clean_dummy_app
$ bin/rake refinery:testing:dummy_app
$ bin/rspec ./*/spec

If this doesn't work. Follow the How to test Refinery guide

Commit your changes:

$ git add path/to/files/changed
$ git commit -m "your fix"

TIP: if you've filed an issue on Github add "Closes GH-999" (replace 999 with your issue number) to your commit message and it will automatically link the issue to your commit and close it.

git push origin master

Now go to and click "Pull Request". Type a nice message explaining what you've done and send the request.

We'll merge it in if it's all good.

Confused on where to find everything?

Take a look at this page which briefly explains the source.