Refinery CMS released

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A new 'bugfix' version in the 0.9.9 series has been released.
This release fixes many of the issues that have been discovered since the release of 0.9.9 three weeks ago. 

Notable improvements

  • The refinerycms installer gracefully exits when an error is encountered.
  • Reduced the Gemfile's complexity (hooray!) by moving most of it to a new refinerycms-testing engine.
  • The project has been split into 10 separately released gems that include their own dependencies. Don't worry, you only have to install the main 'refinerycms' one unless you want to do something particularly advanced. 
  • Vietnamese translation files added.
  • Improved JRuby support as well as the way that commands run in any ruby implementation.

Check out the change log for the full list.

How to update

Most of the special update code that was added to 0.9.9 for updating from has been removed so if you want to update from then please use 0.9.9 to do so first. This ensures that the installer remains stable going forward. To update to this version from 0.9.9 simply change your Gemfile to resemble:

gem 'refinerycms', '='

Moving Toward the 1.0 Release

Since we're not adding any new features until the 1.0 release, we need to make sure every issue found is reported and fixed for the 1.0 release. Please report any issues you find on the GitHub issue tracker. Thank you to those who have already been doing so since the 0.9.9 release, please continue!

Thanks to the Contributors

We actively encourage people to contribute and are very proud of our community of more than 95 contributors (that's 10 new contributors since we released version 0.9.9 only three weeks ago!) who have helped to get to the project to where it is today. If you are using Refinery and have a fix or improvement please don't hold back. There's even a guide here on how to contribute to Refinery.