Rails 2.x Stable Update

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As part of our support for previous versions of Refinery CMS, we have released version to fix some issues that were present in This has been done using some contributions that were made to the Rails 3 versions of Refinery CMS that we were able to move back into Rails 2 as well. 

This fixes an important bug where the user is not able to insert images into the visual editor.

To use this new version simply update the version of Refinery CMS you are using in your Gemfile to and also change the version of Rails you are using to 2.3.9 then:

bundle update
rake refinery:update
bundle install

We will continue to create more maintenance releases for Rails 2 as the need arises or as we receive contributions for it. Thanks again to all our awesome contributors and users who help to make Refinery CMS possible and a lot more fun.