Refinery CMS

Ruby on Rails CMS that supports Rails 4.2


Our developer team at Resume Companion love the ease of use of Refinery. It feels intuitive and is easily transferred to non-techies in our company too due to its simple structure. We also love its open source nature giving us the freedom to provide our users a great experience and for us to extend when necessary on Refinery within short spaces of time.
-- Joe Flanagan, Resume Companion
I've recently completed a site using Refinery CMS [and] have a few more Refinery sites in the queue. Thanks for this fantastic tool! I have been thrilled with the simplicity, modularity and extendibility of the product.
-- David Peterson
Just did the reveal for a client project, and the web editor cried out about how great Refinery is compared to her past editing experiences. We've got pages, a blog, and that new events module rolling for them... they are already in love. And I love that kind of reaction! Especially when they are in training and I'm expecting a slow-go of it.
-- Nick Gracilla, Neoteric Design
I stumbled across Refinery a few days ago, tested it, modified it and just have to say: I LOVE IT :) This is a really sweet and simple piece of software.
-- Bernd Hauser,
Just wanted to say we at really enjoy Refinery CMS. We just launched and it's working great!
-- Jeff Linn
Love Refinery, but love the support and community more! Much appreciated.
-- Mike McCoy
Started playing with WordPress. Quickly started playing with Refinery CMS because PHP is so ugly!
-- Brian Stevens
I just wanted to thank the RefineryCMS team for your clever work and for making this project open source! It will save me countless hours and effort. Also (putting on my preacher's cap here), remember folks, open source is not the same as free. These guys clearly put in a boatload of hours on this... think about rolling up your own sleeves and paying it forward by contributing. I, for one, am going to do just that!
-- Taurus
OMG! I sat down at about 2:29 ready to work on a new plugin for lessons. I thought it would take a few hours or even days. Little did I know that by 2:33 I would be done. You guys/gals have made things ridiculously easy. Seriously, I'm just sitting here giggling. To those working on Refinery, THANK YOU!
-- Sean
We just deployed a new website using your Refinery CMS. So first of all, a big thank you is in order! So far Refinery has proven to be a fantastic solution for us.
-- Garett
Refinery is a really fantastic tool. I'm hooked.
-- Dave Flaherty
Let me just say that Refinery is fan-freaking-tastic. Y'all have done an amazing job and it made building this site (which I only found out about a month ago) much easier than it would have been otherwise. If I haven't said it in the last 3 minutes, Refinery (+ Heroku!) is life-changing.
I have tried quite a few CMSes in my day and I must say that Refinery is the easiest yet to integrate with existing functionality and extend with new code. In short, I am a fan :-)
-- Erik Lindblad
I've been working with 2.0 and am very impressed with the level of improvement. The code is top-notch. There's been big changes towards greater object-oriented structure and namespaces. The structural organization has been improved. The use of refinery engines everywhere is amazing. The usage of Rails 3.1+ features is first-rate. When I think back over the last year of working with Refinery, from v 0.3, 0.8, 0.9.9, 1.0, and now to 2.0 -- an impressive amount of first-class work has taken place!
-- Daudi
Loving 2.0. The best thing about Refinery is how unobtrusive it is. You can use what you want, ignore what you don't want. Thanks for such great open source stuff!
-- Mark Sobkowicz
First off, thank you for a wonderful CMS. I have been looking for something like this in the rails community for years. I appreciate you sharing your hard work with all of us.
-- Don Levan
Just getting started with Refinery. I really like the solution overall, it seems to have a good balance of features and options without getting overly-complex. I also like how it is does not enforce a specific template system and basically leaves your rails app open to customization.
-- Foz in Switzerland
I'm really enjoying working with Refinery. It's quite intuitive and matches my needs perfectly.
-- Justin Meyer
I just discovered Refinery CMS and like the great desing and ease of use.
-- Ricky Ah
I'd like to thank you for this CMS! Been working with it for a few weeks now and I'm loving it! I like the fact that it has a small base of code, is easy to understand and fits our needs.
-- Charles
I downloaded Refinery CMS tonight and have started playing with it. Looks very nice. Thanks again for a great CMS!
-- Chris Johnson
I love the way it makes web design and content management easier and more intuitive.
-- Wayne Pan
Thank you so much for sharing Refinery with the world!
-- Matt Sears
Thanks again for all your work on this. I've been looking for a solid CMS in Rails for years and yours is definitely the best yet.
-- Ryan Wood
Looks great and the code also looks very good, congratulations mates.
-- @dramalho
Loving Refinery so far.
-- Brian Boomer
Thank you to Resolve Digital for releasing this project to the community. It is the easiest to use and extend CMS I've seen so far.
-- Johann