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Ruby on Rails CMS that supports Rails 4.2

Blog Archive for February 2011

Refinery CMS hits 100 contributors!

Quite a milestone for Refinery CMS. We wanted to take a moment to say thanks to all of you. 

100 contributors to resolve/refinerycms 

parndt (Philip Arndt) - djones (David Jones) - stevenheidel (Steven Heidel) - myabc (Alex Coles) - ugisozols (Uń£is Ozols) - moretea (Maarten Hoogendoorn) - joemsak (Joe Sak) - peterz (Peter Zlatnar) - semaperepelitsa (Semyon Perepelitsa) - awagener (Amanda Wagener) - hvirring (Jesper Hvirring Henriksen) - bofrede (Bo Frederiksen) - kivanio (Kivanio...

Refinery CMS released

A new 'bugfix' version in the 0.9.9 series has been released.
This release fixes many of the issues that have been discovered since the release of 0.9.9 three weeks ago. 

Notable improvements

  • The refinerycms installer gracefully exits when an error is encountered.
  • Reduced the Gemfile's complexity (hooray!) by moving most of it to a new refinerycms-testing engine.
  • The project has been split into 10 separately released gems that include their own dependencies. Don't worry, you only have to...